Houston Skyline Aberdeen Business Gateway

Aberdeen-Houston Gateway Goes Ahead

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that’s never been truer for many businesses in the current climate.

As the Covid-19 pandemic tightens its grip, businesses are focusing on how best to keep people safe whilst scratching their heads on how to pick their way through the maze of fast-moving situations each day holds.  Regardless of our sector, industry or scale, one thing is for sure – we have all had to change and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as our lives, and businesses, try to adapt.

When I set out to deliver the first Gateway in 2013, I wanted to establish an international platform for knowledge sharing and, over the years, that has evolved from live links between Aberdeen and Houston in the early days to the presence of Houston business representatives in Aberdeen during more recent Gateway weeks.  The event has never stood still and its evolution has been catalysed by many factors – this year circumstances have led us to embrace new digital opportunities in an exciting, accelerated way.

For us, the crisis initially looked as if it would threaten the existence of the 2020 Aberdeen-Houston Gateway but, on closer inspection, we found that it was creative opportunity rather than threat that was being thrust in our direction.  Whilst the traditional, “analogue” format of the event clearly couldn’t continue, a quick revisit of the founding principles of the Gateway series soon uncovered the solution and we are delighted that this year’s all-digital event will go ahead just a few weeks later than planned.

Our series of podcasts, webinars and online discussions during week commencing May 4th will give people the opportunity to come together in a virtual way and do business in a digital way, opening a new chapter for our business which we are excited to share with you.  I hope you can join us on the journey.

To find out more about how to get involved in the 2020 Aberdeen-Houston Gateway, visit our Eventbrite;

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